The Vintage Look is Back


Vintage clothing seems to be flying off the racks. The 90’s are making a big comeback in stores, and it seems to only be growing more popular by the minute. Photo courtesy of Joseph Brent

Olivia Semple, Staffer

Yes, the vintage look is back. Maybe it all seems new and fresh, but where did these styles really come from? Most of the looks worn today originate from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, leaving adults laughing at the comeback of the styles. Today’s trends are not something new, and the fashion is recycled.
So, let’s talk about what’s in and where it came from. “Vans were a big thing, and I think it’s funny that kids walk around as if they are new hot stuff,” John Bodenman said. Vans started in 1966, hit it off in 1977, and made a comeback in the late 2000s. These shoes took the world by storm, beginning as a skate shoe, and then becoming an essential fashion for many.
Next, mom jeans. “Mom jeans are so ugly, and I remember when I thought they were cute,” Pamela Semple said,” They’re back in style now, and that’s just the worst.” Mom jeans originated in the ’90s, and just recently took the world by storm. Popular stores such as American Eagle and Urban Outfitters sell mom jeans in all sizes and colors. “I think mom jeans are super cute; they make every outfit look put together.” Camila De la Oliva (9) said. Both generations have very different views.
Lip gloss has also made a big comeback since the ’90s, the transparent or colored liquid becoming a quickly popular item. The famous brand Glossier hit off based on its lip gloss solely alone. Jennifer Lopez first made the sticky liquid a hit in the ’90s, and since then, companies are working on new formulas. The ever-evolving gloss is now being formulated to be less sticky, more glossy, and more popular.
Ripped jeans are practically the only type of jeans you see on the market lately. To older generations, this trend is stupid. “What’s the point in wearing pants? Wearing pants with holes is quite unnecessary,” Earl Reynolds said. To the youth, ripped pants are very fashionable. “I only own ripped jeans, and the more rips, the better, I guess,” Camila De la Oliva (9).
So yes, we know, the vintage look is back. It’s crazy to think that possibly one day, the style now will be considered old. Who knows how long the ’90s will stay fashionable, but it sure is fun to take a trip down memory lane.