COVID-19 Causes School Cancelation-It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be According to Seniors


Unaware of the news that was soon to be announced, Emma Holman (12) shares a laugh with her friends after school at Legends Coffee on Thursday March 12. After hearing about school being canceled Homan expressed, "I’m so sad that my time with my classmates and friends has been cut short and will miss the class days that I shared with my peers. Overall, I feel like our senior year has a pretty unsatisfying end." School is planned to resume on April 17, yet many seniors have already mentally prepared for the event in which school is canceled for the remainder of their final year.

Toni Elton, Editor in Chief

The talk of IB exams, prom, and weekend plans circulate the table as five seniors, Nathan Mukooba, Andres Edwinson, Zach Reemer, Sarayu Ganagvelli, and Cade Thomas spend time at Legends Coffee after school on Thursday, March 12, 2020. Just minutes later these students were informed of the news that all schools in the Cherry Creek School District are canceled for a week following spring break. “I was initially happy about getting an extra week of spring break because at the time I thought it would just be another week of regular break,” Edwinson said. In conjunction with Edwinson’s reaction, Gangavelli voiced, “ I definitely had some mixed feelings. I was excited that I didn’t have to take two tests on that Friday before the break, but also nervous and confused because I knew an extended spring break meant that things weren’t great. I was nervous about what else could potentially happen.”

At another table nearby, four other seniors experienced a similar rush of feelings as the news was sprung upon them as they were passing time at the local coffee shop. Seniors Nick Stirbis, Alli Paez, Emma Holman, and Ethan Frankson were occupied by typical conversation for high school students upon being informed of the school cancelation. Paez recalled having felt a surge of joy upon hearing the news. “ I was overjoyed that I could have two weeks to spend with my friends for our last spring break of high school,” Paez said.

The joy after being given some extra time off soon subsided for many seniors, as on March 18 Governor Jared Polis announced that all Colorado schools would be closed until April 17. “ …it’s a lot more disappointing than it was originally. I’ve begun to miss being at school. I’m pretty sad considering the cancellation of prom and the likely postponing of graduation. These are two things I’ve looked forward to for years and to not be able to experience them the correct way is really disheartening. not to mention, this prevents me from making valuable memories with my friends before we all go to college,” Stirbis said. 

Less than a month after Governor Polis’ announcement, on April 3, 2020 Superintendent Scott Siegfried announced that the Cherry Creek School District will finish up the 2019-20 school year online. This reality created concern among many seniors. “As a senior, I’m pretty upset only because I most likely won’t experience walking at my high school graduation ceremony,” Frankson expressed. In conjunction with Frankson’s view, Gangavelli stated, “…we’re [seniors] just holding onto hope of having a graduation.”

For many academically driven students, such as those that were studying at Legends when they heard about school being canceled, the implications of this event extends further than the disappointment of missing out on senior events. “I’ve seen a lot of panic among other students. Especially in IB, with our exams being canceled, there are a lot of unanswered questions that will affect the rest of our academic lives so everyone is very anxious to get answers,” Holman said. All IB exams have been canceled and as far as AP exams are concerned, College Board has announced that they will all be shortened to 45-minute writing sections that can be taken at home. In response to this Edwinson stated, “As a senior, it affects me academically because in IB they canceled the testing which means there’s basically not much else to do in terms of learning.”

Prom, graduation, even returning to school and finishing out senior year as planned-much has come to an abrupt end for many seniors. Despite this uncertainty, Gangavelli spoke of her gratitude. “Mentally, I’m trying to stay positive throughout it as I said. Yes, this all really sucks, but I’m thankful that no one close to me nor I have gotten corona.”

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