Uber and Lyft Safety


Photo courtsey of www.quotecatalog.com

Uber and Lyft are taxicab services that are scheduled through a mobile app to secure and find rides for people. (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

Kylee Ellinger, Business/Publicity

Uber and Lyft are apps used to help people who don’t have transportation get from one place to the next. Many problems have arisen in the past year with the safety of traveling in an Uber or Lyft. Over the past year, more than a dozen people have been hurt or killed while taking one of these alternate forms of transportation.

Uber.com has begun to release tips on these matters and says to always check the driver’s info, such as license plate number and make of the car. They have also made a “Share My Trip” setting available, where you can share your location with a friend or family member. In addition to these safety tips, Uber has an emergency assistance button that contacts first responders if something goes wrong. Not only has Uber tried to make their app safe, but Lyft also has a critical response line that works just like Uber’s emergency assistance button.

“Safety is our top priority and it’s our goal to make every ride safe, comfortable, and reliable,” Logan Green (CEO of Lyft) said. In order to ensure that everyone is safe while taking this kind of transportation look for the company logo on the car, try ride-sharing with someone else if you’re in an unknown place, and always ask the driver who they are there to pick up.

Talya de Paz (12) takes Uber occasionally and said, “I always ask the driver who they are picking up and I let my family know where I am.” Uber and Lyft will continue to get prominent in our lives’ so always be safe, and if you don’t feel safe call someone or get out of the car.