What you missed: Aida the musical


While others’ roles came easy, it was personally contradicting for Emma Larson (11) “This role isn’t something I necessarily see myself as most of the time,” Larson said. However, Larson broke out of her shell to deliver her best as Amneris.

Brianna Kary, Design Editor


The fluorescent lights, the costumes, the singing and dancing had all grasped the audience’s attention during the opening nights of Aida. The ten week production concluded with a jaw dropping experience that most would not have expected. When announced, there was much controversy surrounding the roles and musical. Moving past each obstacle, the cast and crew dedicated themselves to expand the everlasting message of Aida and prove their undeniable talents. “ At face value, it can seem that race plays a larger role than is actually done. But love stories span across race and gender and sexuality, in real life, and in shows,” Wyatt Krob (12) said. If you didn’t get the chance to witness it first hand, here are some photos embodying the overall experience.

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