Joker Movie Review


Photo attributed to Tatiana_0000, licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Joker is a complicated character, her external appearance may be smiling, but his internal appearance isn’t. The life he lives in treats him like a clown, so naturally, he became one.

Olivia Semple, Staffer

The Joker movie had captivated audiences even before it hit the theatres. I had been begging my parents to take me to the film for a while. They were hesitant based on the warning signs surrounding the darkness of the movie. I had finally convinced them to take me, and let me say, this movie was something. From the first seconds of the film, you can already tell that the Joker has a tough life. I felt sympathy for the life he was living. Right away, I can see how this life could push the Joker to the brink of insanity. Living with his sick mother in a dirty apartment in Gotham City, and working odd jobs as a clown started to take a toll on him. If I had that life, I would have felt the same.


Throughout the movie, I found myself rooting for the Joker, and in the back of my head, I knew it was wrong. For gosh-sakes, the Joker is known for being a murderer, and yet here, I sat in the theatre with a twinge in my heart. The way his life forced him over the edge, it was something he couldn’t control. Being mistreated your whole life, one would retaliate. One thing that I kept thinking was what I would do if I were in his situation. Would I be the same? Or would I persevere? 


My favorite thing about the movie was the music. The music was what I would call old, but something my dad would know. It was cool watching such a new and advanced movie, but with tracks from Frank Sinatra and Cream playing. The music they chose fit perfectly with each scene. The scene could be bloody and brutal, the music playing could be ethereal and homely, but somehow they fit perfectly together. 


Whenever this movie was mentioned, it was said to be dark, brutal, and life-changing. Life-Changing? Yes. Dark? Not really. Sure, it was bloody, but horror movies such as Saw out-do the Joker on any day. Yes, it was sad, but it wasn’t dark if you understand why the Joker did what he did. I think people don’t know that some people suffer more than others and that the Joker went nuts for a reason. If anything, the movie is sad, not dark. 


All in all, the Joker movie was terrific. I would recommend it to anyone interested in the physiological decline of humans. It’s not too bloody, and while it is violent, I didn’t find it any more brutal than any other superhero movie. The music in the film is worth checking out. Be prepared to cry, and smile, and laugh like a joker. See the Joker movie!


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