Every Senior Deserves a Yearbook


The staff of The Legend, the yearbook, pose together for a picture before the mandatory closing of CCSD schools went into effect. The staff worked hard all year to produce this year’s yearbook, making sure to commemorate this unique time in history. Every senior should have access to the memories and photos on every page and that’s why the yearbook staff has created a way for yearbooks to be donated to seniors who wouldn’t have access otherwise.

Elyse Sommer, Managing Editor

This year, seniors have gone through a multitude of obstacles and triumphs, ranging from successes in their college application endeavors to having the end of their senior year entirely shut down for safety reasons. Not having the time to say goodbye to friends made in their four years at Cherokee Trail can be a stressor, which is why The Legend, the school’s yearbook, has encouraged a new program: Every Senior Deserves a Yearbook.
This initiative is based on the idea that every senior, regardless of their ability to pay, should have access to the collection of memories and pictures taken throughout their year, even if their senior year was cut short.
“I think it helps students who can not pay for a book. We understand they are expensive and we really want seniors to have a chance to reflect on their final year,” said Hannah Krafels (12), the Editor-In-Chief of the yearbook. She and the yearbook staff have toiled all year to produce this special book and to make it available to all seniors is an amazing opportunity. “The biggest thing that is different is that the book is not all chronological so it has outside of school activities like skiing and shopping and it also offers a student voice section.”
The value of a yearbook lies in the photos that each student can attach a memory to. It’s important to remember what life is like as a senior, top of the school hierarchy, and on their way to bigger things.
“I’ve received a yearbook every year of school so it helps when you’re going to look back and have mini flashbacks,” said Emily Hilley (12). Hilley is headed to Fort Hays State University in Kansas and her yearbook is meaningful to her as she moves on to the next phase of her life. “It depends on the senior if they want to have some memories, this yearbook is just your final run of about to be on your own.”
If you want to donate to the initiative and help get a senior their yearbook, helping them preserve memories from this historic year, please visit this link: https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productBrowse/1462287/Cherokee-Trail-High-School/2020-Yearbook/20191023041942963106/CATALOG_SHOP/. In the name slot of the donation, put “Senior” in the first name and “Donation” in the last name. If you would like your donation to go to a specific senior, please email Mrs. Tina Barber at [email protected] Thank you for your help in getting every senior a yearbook!