An Exclusive Interview With cthsbadparking


cthsbadparking blew up overnight, surpassing 400 followers in under a week.

Cthsbadparking, an instagram page that has captured Cherokee Trail’s attention offers a lighthearted way to laugh off a bad parking job. The creator of this account chose to remain anonymous, but was willing to answer a few questions about the nature of the account.

What inspired you to start the account?
Cthsbadparking: Honestly, I saw a tiktok and thought it would be sunny to create a similar account for CT.

What do you think of the trend of CT instagram pages?
Cthsbadparking: I think at this point they’re getting a little out of hand, they started off innocent and funny but now they’re expanding into an insulting territory, The instagram pages are 100% a bandwagon.

Why did you choose to remain anonymous?
Cthsbadparking: I choose to remain anonymous because my page is just for laugh, so removing myself from the page allows it to keep its lighthearted nature.

What was your intention of running this account?
Cthsbadparking: My intention of running this account is to “give the people what they want”. My account is just for fun and honestly I hope it brings laughter to someones day.

Cthsbadparking is among one of the only kind and non-exposing Instagram accounts in relation to CT currently. Cherokee Trail loves what this page does and cant wait to see more submissions!
Check out their page: