An Exclusive Interview With cthspraises


cthspraises, yet another Instagram page dedicated to CT, is a light in the darkness. Amongst other Instagram pages promoting online slander, cthspraises offers a location for students to submit good information about their local classmates.

What inspired you to start the account?
cthspraises: What truly inspires me is how the hurtful things being said on other cths accounts impacted people I knew personally. It was sad seeing rumors start about my peers.

What do you think of the trend of CT Instagram pages?
cthspraises: I think it’s a cool trend because it’s a way for students to connect outside of school, but at the same time, it’s dangerous because bullying can happen anonymously.

Do you think this trend is a bandwagon?
cthspraises: I definitely think it’s a bandwagon. I know I probably wouldn’t have started this account without seeing the other pages first.

Why did you choose to remain anonymous?
cthspraises: I choose to remain anonymous because I don’t have to worry about getting any direct hate or credit for the page.

What was your intention in running this account?
cthspraises: I intend to spread some positivity. Some of the other accounts were so hurtful, and I wanted to create a place where we could lift each other up.

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