PSA: Drugs are Bad

(Those interviewed have requested to remain anonymous)
Before electronic vaping devices, the new generation was projected to be the first nicotine free in ages. However, with brands targeting teenagers, it isn’t uncommon to see the use of an electronic vaping device in school bathrooms. According to the National Institute of Health, high schoolers percentage using vaping products has skyrocketed in the past years.
Face to face daily with recreational drugs, many teenagers have either witnessed, or partaken in these illegal activities. “I started vaping in 7th grade,” Anonymous said,” I liked the buzz and it took an edge off of things. I bought a Juul on my own, and just kept using it.” Juul, Sourin, and Novo’s are some of the most common devices, as the companies strongly market towards adolescents.
While vaping and other drugs can pose serious effects on health, plenty of athletes still partake in this activity. “I vape regularly everyday and I do a sport, “ Anonymous said, “There might be an effect one day, but there isn’t now.” Long term, vaping can have serious effects on the longevity of the lungs and other important organs.
Smoking can also be a coping mechanism to deal with the difficulties of life. “I feel like it helps with my anxiety,” Anonymous said, “Smoking weed helps calm me down.” According to Healthline, in small doses Marijuana can appear to lessen anxiety, but in the long term can severely damage mental health.
Addiction is also a scary but very realistic reality for many drug users. “I never meant to be addicted to nic, “ Anonymous said,” I just started one day and now I can’t stop. “This can be difficult to manage addiction in school and stay on top of schoolwork and classwork.
Surprisingly, a lot of drug users express regret for beginning use. “If it were easy to quit, I would, “ Anonymous said, “But I can’t imagine my life without it.” The scary reality of drugs is the effects of attempting to quit. According to Riviera Recovery, withdrawals are extremely difficult to overcome and can last for up to 2 weeks.
Vaping and smoking will sadly, be common in high school. Everyday, classmates around you might be battling addiction with various substances. Despite the dangerous health effects, students continue to use substances in order to mask the deeper problem.