The Thielen twins compete on and off the lacrosse field


David Behrendt and Ava Zadigian

Twins Brek and Bode Thielen (12) have been vital parts of the varsity lacrosse team since their sophomore year. The Thielen’s have scored a combined 58 goals. When asked if twin telepathy contributed to this high number, the brothers were on the same page. “No. We are polar opposites,” said Bode. 

While the twins have shared countless memories on the field, Bode stated that his favorite memory of playing with his twin was, “How competitive he did the sport for me” Brek showed brotherly love to Bode and said his favorite memory was “any practice when Bode would think he could lock me up but then I’d toast him, however, I toasted him too often so there isn’t a specific memory.” 

Together, the brothers agreed that playing on the same team has its pros and its cons. One pro is that the brothers know each other’s tendencies which can lead to an advantage at times; “however, that can also lead to many arguments on the field” Brek said. 

The two brothers also seem to be each other’s most significant role models. “I like to see Bode succeed on the field, and it’s always cool if I give them an assist and the announcer says, ‘Brek with the assist to his brother, Bode,’” Brek told Trail Media reporters. 

When asked about his biggest role model, Bode told us, “Kinda Brek.” Despite the two experiencing competitive moments on and off the field, they are still each other’s biggest supporters.

Not only have Brek and Bode brought talent to the field, but they also have been mentors to the younger athletes. Sophomore Dempsy Gibbs said, “Both Brek and Bode have been such good mentors for me. They made me feel so welcome and included in the team. Plus, they love to have a good time as well.”

Brek and Bode have decided to go to separate colleges next year. “Different colleges for sure, I love the guy but I can’t go to the same college as him,” said Bode. 

Brek plans on going to Arizona State next year to study finance and economics. Bode plans to study physiology and play lacrosse at the University of Oregon.