King of Power

Laura Slater, Staffer

Last night, the school hosted the annual ‘Mr.CT’ event to kickoff the excitement and events this week leading up to prom this Saturday, April 27. This year’s lineup was all seniors – 12 boys from all different parts of the CT community. The show consisted of three rounds – talent, lip sync battle, and question and answer, in addition to the opening dance. From 7 to 9, the boys entertained the audience with their creative outfits and song choices during the lip sync rounds, surprised the audience during the talent portion, and opened up during the question round. In addition to all the competing boys, three girls also performed songs at different points throughout the show. Some of the standout performances included Cole Baeder (12) performing the song “Barbie Girl,” Kainoa Fonseca (12) stunning the crowd with magic tricks, and Kobe Sconier’s (12) speech. The show was not only great entertainment, for it also offered a glimpse of the diversity and energy that embodies our school. The true highlight came at the end when Kobe Sconiers (12), who was crowned Mr.CT by the judges, handed over his crown to Ben Gillardino (12), because Kobe believed he was the true King of Power. With a heartwarming ending, Mr.CT was an energetic start to this year’s prom festivities, packing humor, plenty of music, and even some magic tricks into two hours of fun that gave us our 2019 King.