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Alexis Workman

Alexis Workman, Staff Reporter

Fifteen going on twenty-two.

The pressure was built by siblings 7+ years older than Alexis Workman(10). 

How can she measure up to the standards they set when she is a whole other person living a whole other life? 

How can she measure up to people who have matured to another stage of life?

The answer is that she can’t, but how are you supposed to know that when you’re ten? 

Twelve? Fifteen?

And so she lives her life trying to walk, talk, eat, and breathe like her siblings. 

She lives not to the best of her abilities, but to perfection even when that means sacrificing parts of herself. 

As she has grown up, she finds herself years older than her peers. 

Because of this, she was asked to take leadership roles at a young age. 

Being the representative in eighth grade to interview the principal is one of her fondest memories of journalism. 

Some argue this interview is where her love of digital media was planted. 

Between her mix of artistic talent and love for journalism, digital media became her home during the second semester of freshman year, and the beginning of sophomore year. 

Due to the standards she holds herself to, she is managing to create a name for herself throughout the community at Cherokee Trail in both this upcoming year and the previous. 

Of course, growing up under the shadows of her siblings was difficult, and maturing too fast is scary and hard to cope with, but in the end, she would not have found her passion in journalism if it weren’t for how her life had gone. 

Life is unpredictable and scary, but if it weren’t for everything hard in Alexis’s life, who knows if she would be creating the stories you will see on CTTV.

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Alexis Workman