Senioritis or Junioritis?

Sara Stifter

What does it mean to be an upperclassman at the end of the school year? To some, it may be the feeling of anticipation at the thought of graduating and getting out of school right away. But for others, it means reminiscing on the memories made in high school, and how much those memories will actually be missed.

Juniors and seniors seem to feel differently at the end of the school year. For seniors, the urge to get out of school is suddenly suppressed by the thoughts of never seeing the people that have surrounded them every day for the past four years. For juniors, the need of getting out of school is heightened. That feeling changes so much throughout the year, especially at the end for most.

“I always thought I would be so ready to get out of high school right away. But, the end of the year has come and I am overwhelmed with sadness over leaving so many people that I care about. I didn’t think I would want to stay as much as I do right now,” Keirstyn Quaka (12) said.

Much of the junior class students claim that they have junioritis: the need to get out of high school. But, their mindsets may be altered a little bit when they get to the end of senior year. Finals and school work pile up, and that makes every single person eager to get out of school and go into the summer. But, what will happen to the juniors when they are leaving all of their friends?

“I am so excited to get out of high school and start fresh, but there are so many people here that I love and that I don’t want to leave yet. I am actually kind of happy that I have a year left, a year that I can spend with my favorite people, and not worry about having to leave all of them yet,” Sadie Dinsdale (11) said.

I think everyone can agree that high school brings on a lot of stress, but it also brings so many amazing memories for much of the student population. Wanting to leave high school is a normal thing for every person. But, by the end of the year, mindsets may change, and some may never want to leave.

“There is so much good that comes from starting fresh, but so much good has come from high school too. I love the community at school, but I am excited to start fresh. Just not yet,” Anthony Hicks III (11) said.

Whether it’s junioritis or senioritis every student comes to appreciate those moments in high school. Soon enough, studying for finals with those friends you have had for so long, or even getting coffee with them, will be gone, and a new chapter will start.