Homecoming Review


After a poll was posted on Instagram surrounding student’s opinions on the Homecoming dance Oct 5, around 30 statements were made, and approximately 150 votes were placed. With about 20% more students voting horrible, it appears to students that this year’s dance was subpar.

Olivia Semple and Caleb Huff


With the dance, this past weekend, the community all have different opinions on how the dance went. With lots of feedback that has come in, many students have expressed their thoughts. “The whole vibe was off, but the decor was a million times better,” Emma Dolliver (10) said. Although there were terrible aspects to the dance, positive feedback was received “I got to see old friends and spend time with new people,” said an anonymous Instagram user. After the dance, the chatter about the dance surrounded the overly crowded dance floor, lousy music, and the fact that the lights were on halfway through. Homecoming this year was certainly something to talk about, with many different opinions on the dance.