Top 5 Things to do in Colorado this Fall


Photo by tinyfroglet (licensed under CC-BY 2.0)

During the fall season, Colorado is the picture of beauty. There is so much to do to experience the richness of the season.

Olivia Semple, Staffer


  5. Train Rides

WHAT: Train rides in fall are such a fantastic way to take the perspective of the world around you. Surrounded by nature, and loved ones, train rides in fall are truly ethereal. 

WHERE: The Georgetown Loop Railroad is a loop ride around the historic Georgetown and Silverplume. The journey is around an hour length, and throughout scenic waterfalls, mountains and trees are seen.


4. Hot Springs

 WHAT: Colorado during the fall can feel like winter, so outdoor activities might not seem the greatest. However, there is an activity that can keep you toasty while outside. 

 WHERE: The Glenwood hot springs is a beautiful location. The natural hot springs surround you in warmth, as the beautiful mountains overlook the springs.


   3. Pumpkin Patch

 WHAT: Pumpkins are a symbolic item of fall, for the spooky season, and the fall season. Pumpkins can be seen in every store and the subject of many holiday-themed drinks. 

 WHERE: The great Colorado pumpkin patch is located in Monument, Colorado. The fun event has many activities such as hayrides, laser tag, human foosball, and of course, a pumpkin patch


2. Visit Elk

WHAT: The elk is a popular topic of Colorado-based on their famous call, bugling. Elk is in mating season, and come in masses around the fall time of year, based around Estes Park. 

WHERE: Estes Park is a fantastic place to spend a part of your fall. With scenic hikes, views, and elk, one can never be bored in Estes.


  1. Haunted Spots

WHAT: Spooky season may have just ended, but the fun doesn’t have to stop. Colorado has plenty of fun “haunted” spots to visit. 

WHERE: One of the most popular spooky spots is the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Found in the famous movie “The Shining,” the hotel has drawn in an audience with the promise of creepy haunts.