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Photo courtesy of Delaynie Treat

Senior Delaynie Treat jumps for joy at the top of the ski slope. "I go up about five times a season, but I wish I could go more," said Treat.

Laura Slater, Website Editor

Every year in Colorado, summer fades and the snow returns. Locals and visitors alike eagerly anticipate the coming of the white flakes, ready to pull out their skis and snowboards and hit the slopes once again, to participate in something truly “Coloradan”.

“Winter never feels long enough,” said Ella O’Brien (12). Winter sports are at the center of Colorado’s outdoor-oriented culture, and the slopes draw in all kinds.

Many of those drawn in are members of the community – it seems most of the student population skis or snowboards.

“A lot of my friends snowboard,” said Olivia Lee (11).

“A lot of my friends ski,” said Shawn Springer (11), echoing Lee.

These winter sports and the craze around them are something that brings the community together – it’s something many have in common. Even those who don’t participate feel the pull of the mountains. When asked if they wished they skied or snowboarded, the consensus was yes. “I’d.. snowboard,” said Springer, and Lee agreed – “I would rather snowboard,” she said.

Among those who do, they have preferences – where they go and whether they ski or board.

“I prefer snowboarding because I’ve been doing it for a while…and I prefer Copper or Steamboat,” said Sierra Trefonas (12). “I can ski and snowboard but I prefer to snowboard. I snowboard as often as I can…I love Eldora, Winter Park, and Copper,” said O’Brien.

“I ski and I prefer skiing because that’s just what I’ve always done,” said Carolyn Letzig (12), the opposite of Trefonas and O’Brien.

“I only ski, everyone in my family grew up skiing,” said Olivia Campbell (12) in agreement with Letzig.

Though location and skiing versus snowboarding preferences vary, they all have at least one thing in common – they enjoy it.

“I enjoy it because of the free feeling going down the mountain as fast as I want to,” said Alyssa Kimes (11).

Senior Cortez Cabral (12) was in agreement. “It’s appealing because it’s a big rush of adrenaline,” said Cabral. Some enjoyed it for other reasons.

“I enjoy it because I feel at peace,” said Delaynie Treat (12). “It’s also super fun and fast-paced,” she added.

“Snowboarding is appealing to me because my family is really active and we like to participate in a lot of sports,” said Elizabeth Pickrel (12).

While reasons for the love of Colorado’s winter sports are unique to each, the underlying theme is the same. All around the community, skiers and snowboarders alike have something in common – passion for shredding the snow in colorful Colorado.


For more on your favorite ski areas, passes, and the snowfall, see: https://www.coloradoski.com/resort-season-dates

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