CTHS News Show #2: January 26th


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Keep watching to hear more about a CT students trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo,

A recap about KIVA week,

And Travis Gray’s commitment to play football at CU Boulder. 

First, Brooklynn Tucker, a senior here at CT had the amazing opportunity to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo. She expresses what she did while she was there and some of her favorite parts about the trip.

Wow, what an awesome experience that is. Next, there are many cultures, races, and ethnicities within CT. Here is a recap on the previous event of KIVA week to shine a light on diversity within CT.

Now you’ll hear more about Travis Gray, a senior at Cherokee Trail who is ready to continue his athletic and academic career at CU Boulder. Gray graduated in late December and will kick off his college career early, heading up to Boulder to begin training for the upcoming season. 

We here in CTTV wish Travis Gray the best of luck in his upcoming season! Now, a message from your student leadership tea

Thanks leadership! Now let’s hear more about what’s happening here, at CT this week!

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