Tis’ Your View On Love

Skyler Landry, Olivia Semple, and Jack Jesaitis

Have you ever sat and wondered what the meaning of Love was? Well today we as you watch this video we asked the people of CT what their view on love was as it would be fitting to see all the hopeless romantics for the holiday Valentine’s Day.


Love is in the air as the annual holiday, Valentine’s day, approaches. The 14th is filled with red, pink, and chocolate hearts as loved ones scurry to show affection towards one another. While this lovely holiday seems to have good intentions, quite a few teenagers have opposing views of the ideas of love. To some, Valentine’s day can remind what is missing in one’s life, whether that be platonic or romantic love. 

Several students believe that love is fake and is simply a ploy for the community to make some money between Christmas and Easter. “I don’t believe in love, maybe just because I haven’t found it yet.” Temesgen Allen (10) said. Emotions can skyrocket in high school just as quickly as they can plummet. Relationships will come and go, and in this sense, Valentine’s day can be a sore subject to those with a broken heart. 

To many others, love can be seen as something extraordinary that makes humans human. Love can mean a connection to a critical friend or family member and the ways one can show affection. “Love is something between two people who can share moments and be vulnerable,” Ava Davis (10) said, “Even if people don’t treat you right, you can still love them.” Many people can agree that love can be considered unconditional. 

Love in itself is a tricky topic, something many can’t quite explain or understand. “Love is unique to a person and how they see it, “ Sean Beltzer (10) said, “I would consider if love is someone else can truly make another happy.” To feel this type of emotion is a powerful thing, and as Beltzer said, it is unique to each person that experiences it. 

As Valentine’s day approaches on the fateful 14th, one will witness various displays of affection. “It’s very diverse,” Kyra Lewis (10) said.” While this time can be challenging for some who feel a lack of love, the holiday can also help reveal that there is always someone out there who loves you. Surprise a friend with a singing valentine, courtesy of the school choir, and make their day-or embarrass them; however, you choose to show your affection!