CTHS News Show #3: February 16th

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Happy WishWeek, Everyone!


Seniors, are you ready to rumble?

Because it’s time for this year’s game of senior showdown to begin

Over the course of the second semester the class of 2022 has been playing an intense and fun game of senior showdown. Rylie Barden interviewed Ashlyn Mannix, the one running the show, for more details on how it works. 


Hey Tanner, what did you think about the Super bowl game on Sunday? Cause I thought it was pretty awesome.

I have to agree with you, it was a crazy game.

This year’s Super bowl featured the LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals, facing off to compete for the Super bowl trophy. And in the weeks leading up to the big game, student journalists Erica Inay, David Behrendt, and Joey Demyanovich, asked students and staff the infamous question “What team do you think is gonna win?”


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The end of the in school mask mandate and the

Wordle World Championship!


How was your Valentine’s day Vinny?

Okay anyway, Cherokee Trail Students were asked what love meant to them. Various responses were collected into a meaningful portrayal of what human connection means.


It’s time for a special wish week message from our CT leadership team.


Thanks Leadership! Now lets take a look at what going on around CT right about now.


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