Keeping Up with the Sharkeys

Growing up with a sibling creates a unique and special bond, one of which the Sharkey brothers share. Junior Drake Sharkey and freshman Carter Sharkey, known more commonly as Sharkey Sr (Drake) and Sharkey Jr (Carter), are two brothers who play on the Cherry Creek Varsity Prep Tier 1 Makar Hockey team. 

This is something Drake Sharkey has looked forward to for as long as he can remember, especially because the two brothers played together when they were younger “[Hockey] was a family thing, my dad played and got us into it at a young age.” Said Drake Sharkey. 

Drake is a goalie whereas Carter is a defensemen, so the two have very different views of the game both on and off the ice. Reflecting on his position in the game and on the team, Drake commented on his own unique views as a goalie, “It’s a different perspective on the game of hockey, you have a full scale view of everything that happens,” Drake responded.

Although the pair are brothers, Carter has a very different outlook on his position in the game, “I get to start the plays to get out of the zone,” said Carter Sharkey, “I was put there by my coach a couple of years ago, and I just stuck there,”. 

The relationship the Sharkey brothers share is unique to them and who they are as brothers. Drake, when asked to choose a word to characterize his brother in the rink described him as, “Determined, because he just keeps working for what he wants. [Carter] doesn’t let others beat him to it,”.

Between the two brothers they share a respect and admiration for the other in the rink. “Opportunistic, because [Drake] can do a lot of things. Depending on what it is he can figure out a way to do something.” Carter said. 

While the pair have spent their lives together, their relationship as brothers continue to change and grow, especially as they get older, “We’ve both really connected, especially since [Carter’s] coming to high school. We’ve grown a lot closer, especially with hockey,” said Drake. 

The younger of the Sharkey’s also shared this heartfelt sentiment, “I don’t really know a word to describe it, but we’re really close and I love that he’s my brother,” said Carter. 

The Sharkey brothers are a prime example of what having a sibling is like. While building off each other they establish themselves as individuals, but still share a close bond as brothers.