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Sources of Strength creates a positive impact on Mental Health
Sources of Strength creates a positive impact on Mental Health
Savvy Swensen, Paige Kyle, and Blake Garrett November 27, 2023

One hundred students were invited to attend a Peer Leader Training on Monday, October 9th for Sources of Strength. Sources of Strength is a suicide...

CT Cuisine: Dions
CT Cuisine: Dion's
Shishyan Bhatta and Yabe Beneberu November 18, 2023

With the goal of creating ‘ease, simplicity, and connection amidst the hustle and bustle of busy lives’, Trail media reporters Shishyan...

Halloween costumes around CT



How Cinema Influences Halloween Costume Trends

By Shayna Moss

October 30, 2023


What are the trends in 2023?

This year we have seen a big spark in trends regarding TV shows, movies, and celebrities. Some of the most well-known examples are The Barbie movie, One Piece, Oppenheimer, and the Eras Tour. All mentioned have set new trends not only in the CT community but all over the world. 



Trending Films and series have characters that the audience can relate to. Since people can relate to these figures, they are their first thoughts when thinking about Halloween costumes. Barbie is a big example of having multiple personas that viewers can connect with. There is a wide range of Barbie’s and Ken’s, as well as having some “odd ones out” like Allen and Weird Barbie.



The Eras Tour had a big influence on people’s fashion choices and styles, not only for these concerts but also for everyday use. This year for Halloween, we are expected to see some of these tour outfits being reused. The incredible detail put towards matching the artist’s style and music video outfits lives up to the expectations of Halloween costumes. From a survey sent out to the CT community, people had responded to the simple questions of  “Is your costume based off of current events like movies, shows, or celebrities?” and “What is your costume?” The results from this ended up being that 70% of the school are basing their costumes on celebrities, such as Mr. WorldWide, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles. 



However, new trends are not the only costumes we are going to be seeing. There are many timeless costumes we heard about as well. These costumes included fairies, minions, spiderman, clowns, vampires, and even as shown above ratatouille. We learned this year that costumes and costume trends are truly timeless. 



At Cherokee Trail High School there is a wide range of costumes as seen above. With these costumes we can see that big stars, movies, and trends reflect on the students around the school as well as the community,  to help them pick out what they may want to dress up as in terms of costumes.

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Shayna Moss, Staff Reporter
Shayna Moss is a senior student athlete at Cherokee Trail High School, this is her first year as a member of the Tail Media program. In addition to journalism, she is, and has been a member of the Cherokee Trail dance team for 4 consecutive years. Shayna is also a part of the “Be Kind” campaign at school, and even though this club has just rebooted, she is hopeful to see what is to come from this club once again. During Shayna's free time she enjoys trying new things, such as different foods and restaurants. As her first year involved in this program she's very excited to share and create ideas that bloom throughout the 2023-2024 school year.

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