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Stress During Final Exams
Stress During Final Exams
Blake LangleyMay 20, 2024

  Final exams are around the corner and they are something that can be very stressful for many students. Studying for final exams involves a...

Defying the odds
Defying the odds
Ava ZadigianMay 19, 2024

  Torn ACL, broken leg, sprained ankle. All injuries happen in a split second and can be easily fixed with a cast, and, in the worst case, surgery....

Harmony Hogan – Crocheting through life


She’s at a craft store looking for the perfect colors in order to create her next project. An array of colors and different yarn types face her as she decides which one she will buy today using the money from her last babysitting job. 


Harmony Hogan, a senior, takes difficult classes that challenges her mind critically and comprehensively. Everyday, she dedicates her time into all her classes in hopes of getting into her dream college, University of Washington. 


She spends hours in her room studying, doing homework, and, when available, babysitting the neighbor’s kids. 


Although, in the rare moments she’s able to find free time, she uses that time for herself.


Crocheting has been something she does for herself. It’s a hobby she picked up in the midst of the pandemic back in 2020. 


“I got into crocheting because I watched a Youtube video on how to crochet and then I started to do it myself,” said Hogan. 


Throughout the years, when faced with the stress of school, family, and overall life, she found herself relying on crocheting to ease her mind. “I’d say it’s a hobby that can take your mind off of things. You just start to feel better and something that’s mindless improves my mental state.” said Hogan. 


When she started ‘getting good at it’ she began selling some of her creations at local Farmers Markets. Back in August, her friends made items such as stuffed animals, hats, and sweaters and sold them at the Southshore Summer Market. To contribute, she made hot plate holders and helped sell. During the colder seasons, she creates blankets, hats, and scarves for the homeless and gives those out while in the city.


Throughout the year, she picks up jobs around her neighborhood in order to buy more yarn and tools. Due to her babysitting for many families throughout the year, she finds herself texting friends, “Sorry I’m babysitting this weekend.” 


This simple hobby that she started in order to “cure her boredom” during the pandemic has evolved into a fundamental part of her identity. With it being her favorite hobby, she has felt it is the most valuable in her life.

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