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CT Cuisine: Five Guys
CT Cuisine: Five Guys
Shishyan Bhatta and Yabe Beneberu May 17, 2024

   In the latest quest to satisfy their hunger, trail media reporters Shishyan Bhatta and Yabetse Beneberu landed at the local Five Guys in...

Taylor Swifts Tourtured Poets review
Taylor Swift's Tourtured Poets review
Emma Tran and Paige Kyle May 17, 2024

  In February, popstar Taylor Swift announced her new album: The Tortured Poets Department. Closer to the release date, Swift and Taylor Nation...

Boys Volleyball honors the life of Daniel Xiao

On Tuesday, April 9th, the varsity boys volleyball team held a memorial game to honor the life of Daniel Xiao, a former member of the team who passed away in late 2023. When asked what it means to play in his name, Jayden Barnes, another member of the men’s varsity volleyball team explains “It means a lot to me, I was kind of nervous going into today, but I just wanted to make sure that I could play good for him and that the team would perform good…I think we did a pretty good job and I’m glad that we could play for him” said Barnes.

Multiple friends of Daniel share that he was easygoing, inspirational, and eager. Hudson Harms, former varsity athlete, shares that Daniel is “So amazing to be around, he lifted everyone up, made everyone happy, and not to mention he was one of the best players on the court at all times. It was fun playing with him, fun being friends with him,” said Harms. When it came to volleyball, Daniel was “one of those players that you explain something once, and immediately he absorbed it and was so appreciative and thankful for the information and the coaching he got,” shares Dean Finch, one of Daniel’s first coaches at CT. “He was a quiet soul, but he spoke through different actions,” said Finch. Sanica Perakatt, one of Daniel’s friend’s shares “he was an amazing person on the court and off the court”.

Best friends since childhood, Idrees Nait emphasizes that the game in his honor is “proof of how amazing Daniel was, he’s obviously left an impact on everybody, and even without the ceremony, everybody knew Daniel was like the best guy you’ve ever met, and it’s great to see something actually put together” said Nait.

When asked what inspired the team to play in his name, John Clinton, also on the varsity team shares “It was the legacy he left here, the impact he’s had on all players on the team, it’s crazy how much has affected the whole program,” said Clinton.

“It’s special to know that the impact a young teenager has on so many is powerful…His passing was a huge impact to all of our volleyball community, this team specifically, and his friends and family. He may pass and he may move on, but his legacy and his spirit will be here forever. It just goes to prove that anybody can have an impact on anybody’s life, and Daniel touched a lot of people in a very quiet way,” Coach Finch highlights.

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Savvy Swensen, Staff Reporter
Savvy Swensen is a senior at CT and it's her first year in Digital Media. She joined Digital Media because she went to Yearbook camp over the summer to learn how to use a camera for Sources of Strength, and was inspired by all the people who attended. She's excited to integrate deeper into the school community and share more stories. She is a part of Sources of Strength, a suicide prevention class at CT. She dances at Michelle Latimer Dance Academy and wants to be a professional dancer when she grows up.
Christopher Rodriguez
Christopher Rodriguez, Staff Reporter
Cristopher Rodriguez is a Junior at CT. Cristopher has been in the Journalism program for all three of his years in high school. As well as being in Journalism for three years he has also been in the debate program since his freshman year. Cristopher joined these classes because of his love for talking to people and learning new things. So that's why he especially loves Journalism. In the program he has been able to talk to so many new and different people and tell their stories. This year he hopes to continue telling stories and hopefully get a little better at it too.

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