Summer Agenda


Photo by Bri Kary

Swimming is one the most popular summer pastimes, with neighborhood pools and natural water areas like this frequented by all ages.

Bri Kary, Staffer

Rosy cheeks, longer days, and open pools mean only one thing, summer is almost here. Being a resident in the Mile High state of Colorado grants us with numerous outside activities to do all summer long. For the mountain men and woodsy girls, there are many beautiful hikes to enjoy such as Red Rocks in Morrison CO. and Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs CO. The best thing about Hanging Lake is once you make it up after the long two-hour hike, a small trail above the lake takes you to another waterfall that you can stand under, or feel its cool spray from a few feet back. If hikes aren’t for you the Aurora Reservoir is a great substitute for our lack of ocean and beaches. Beach volleyball and paddle boarding are common activities you’ll see around there, so grab a few friends while you’re at it. “Paddleboarding was so much fun, I loved being out in the sunny weather with my friends while also doing something active,” said Ellie Taylor (11). The most important thing is that it’s not even hard! With a few minutes of balancing you’re sure to get the hang of it. However, nothing beats the orange and blue sunrises and sets here, and why not watch them with the best view? Lookout Mountain Park in Golden CO will get you the best front row seats to breathtaking views, and the best photo opportunities. Lastly, a great way to kick off the start of summer break is to attend the Denver Chalk Art Festival the weekend of June 1st, 2019. Every summer the most talented artist take to the streets of downtown for the best drawings and atmosphere.