CTHS News Show #1: December 1st

Hi, I’m Austin Frances and I’m Elena Donatelli and this is CTTV bringing you news from the trail!

Keeping watching to hear more about how CT celebrated our amazing veterans, how our girls softball season went,

and more about spices? 

Many holidays are celebrated within CT, one that Cherokee Trail currently celebrated was Veterans Day. Here’s a Recap from the luncheon. 

 Next, student journalists, Erica Inay, David Bear Rent, and Joey Demyanovich (Dem-yawn-ovich), talked to Head Coach Caley Mitchell and members of the girls softball team to recap their successful season and their favorite moments. 

 Then, reporters Vincent Chavez and Tanner Ruggerberg delved into the intricacies of economic process in a post pandemic era, and looked into the lasting effects that Covid-19 has had on businesses using Savory Spice as a representative for this topic.  

 Also, head to our website at cthstoday.org to find out more about a local dance community and serious allegations of sexual misconduct against choreographer Travis Wall.  This news has caused quite the stir with students and professionals in the community.  

Cougars, CTTV needs your help to collect submissions for this year’s Literary Magazine. The Lit  Mag is a collection of student made art, photos, poems, and short stories that aim to show the creative side of our community. This year the Lit Mag will be physically sewn into the yearbook, so anyone who purchases a book will be able to view your amazing work. Submissions close early December so make sure you submit your work soon. You can find the submission form on your English or Art classes Schoology page. If not, don’t worry, you will also be able to find the form on posters around the school so keep your eye out. If you have any questions you can contact Lexi Cipriani or Austin Frances in room 271 during 4B or by email which will be linked in the description. Remember submitting something is not a guarantee to be put in the Lit Mag so only submit your best work.

Leadership- Now, a message from our student leadership team.

 Thanks leadership, now let’s hear more about what’s happening here, at CT!

 The CT speech and debate team is looking for new recruits to join the team for the upcoming 2021-22 school year. If you enjoy writing, performing, and voicing your opinions then speech and debate is right for you! Visit room 224, or contact [email protected] for more information! But now let’s meet some of the friendly faces of speech and debate. 

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