Softball spreads hype through positive on field attitude

Over the past several years, Cherokee Trail Softball has created a great program for the school and grown exponentially in the shadows of their peers. Over powered by football, CT’s softball team continues to find their own motivation every year with a new goal in mind. Muditā, meaning being happy for other people’s success, is the word that the team is hoping will carry them to state. 

Despite the lack of support throughout their whole season, these girls continue to find ways to shine. One of the ways they shine is by getting support through their fellow athletes, “I wish that students at CT would show more hype for softball by coming to our games,” said sophomore starting first baseman, Kennedy Brian (10), “So far, our best game this season has been when the entire football team came out to support!! It was so fun to have a loud student section who motivated us to play good,”. 

Although their growth isn’t exactly constant, it is noteworthy. CT’s softball team has been a roller coaster from seasons to seasons. From being on top to coming in close second in state, these girls are dedicated to their sport and are willing to fight for it! They show their spirit with bubble guns in the dugout and lifting one another up on the field before games “[they]go through pre-game and get ready for the game…” said varsity senior pitcher Alyssa Fullmer (12). 

These girls without much support for others still continue to have a winning mindset, “winning or that’s it there’s no doubt [in our] minds “said Fullmer (12). Cherokee Trail hasn’t seemed to bring the hype for them, so they find their own ways to bring it themselves. 

Their new motivation for this year’s softball season is Muditā; A Buddhist word meaning the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people’s well-being. This single word is helping the softball team bring the hype to the field and to the CT community, “I think it’s so much easier because you could get so much more hype in finding joy in other people,” said Fullmer (12).

Although there isn’t much passion for softball from the student body, this team is determined to get the recognition they deserve. With growing interest in the sport and the team confident in their chances at state, it seems like Cherokee Trail Softball is ready to take a victory on and off the field.