Hype for Girls Volleyball

Peyton Michling and Jake Scott

One player who always wears a different color jersey during volleyball games is the Libero. A defensive specialist, that’s main job is getting the offense started and receiving hits from the opposing team. Willow Snow (11), a junior at Cherokee Trail, is the Libero for the Cougars this year and had a lot to say about the role she plays for the team.


Although they can sometimes go overlooked, the libero plays a vital role within the game, “I have to cover my hitters and get a good ball for my setter as well as my hitters and always try to keep the ball in play,” Said Willow Snow (11), “I must be scrappy and always ready to move, I need to be loud and communicate with all the players. You need to have a mindset that you can and will get every ball up.”


To be the libero you have to be one of the best all around players on the team.  The libero is in the whole game and will only go out while the middle is serving. The libero not only has to be an amazing athlete, but they have to be a leader as well, “Although I am not a captain on my team, I am still a leader and act as one to help my teammates.” Said Snow (11).


Despite not always receiving the praise that they deserve, liberos play an integral role within their team on and off the court.