Starting Sophomore QB


Morgan Ames and Kadee Green

The student section cheers louder as our football team pushes for a homecoming win against Castle View. Heartbeats pound in the stands as the anticipation builds. However, while watching from the stands, the fans cannot receive an on-the-field view such as that of starting varsity quarterback, Eliot Ming(10). 

The role of becoming the starting quarterback is a huge transition, but Ming assumed this role at the varsity level as a sophomore.

Transitioning from freshman to varsity, Eliot was caught off guard. “I was not expecting to be starting that quickly into the year as I was coming straight from the freshman team. I had been playing football since 5th grade but even then it’s not often sophomores are given this opportunity” (Eliot 10). 

While Ming was surprised, he was never hesitant regarding his feelings about football. “I want to be good. I want to be great actually”(Eliot 10). This passion comes from his determination to please his dad and his love of watching his favorite football player, Tom Brady. 

After leaving the freshman football team behind, he still looks back on the amazing memories he shared with his teammates. “Beating the Grandview freshman team felt pretty cool” (Eliot 10). He also brings up their small but mighty win against Valor Christian. “Even though we were only two points ahead, it was still a great defeat knowing they were a very well known football team.” 

While his journey was difficult he quickly made his way to the top, putting the whole student body in aw. “I am still in shock that our starting quarterback is in the same grade as me” says Abby Witkamp (10). As many continue to watch Eliot grow into the amazing football player he will continue to be they will keep in mind his words and story that brought him to where he is today.