Senior Night for CT Football


On Thursday, Oct. 13th, the Cherokee Trail Cougars took on the Arapahoe High School Warriors in an intense football matchup under the Legacy Stadium lights. While this game was important for the Cougar’s season on the field, it was an even more important game specifically for the seniors of the team since all 23 seniors were celebrated along with their families before the game.

Each year, the CT football team honors its seniors and their dedication to the program as well as everything they brought to the team that made it unique. The player’s families come out to celebrate and take pictures before the game starts. 

The seniors reflected on how special it is to be a part of the Cougar family. “It’s been a journey with ups and downs,” said Noah Greer (12), “senior year [is] different because everyone is looking up to you to make plays and be a leader,”. Greer (12) has played varsity for three years and is a team captain this season. 

Porter (12), also a three year varsity player, has taken more away from football than just being a sport.  “Being a senior captain has helped me become a leader not only on our team but also in the community.”

While some see the senior season of athletics as sad, the senior night celebration each year reminds everyone that these players should be celebrated for their achievements within the program, and reminds the players to enjoy their last high school season of their sport. Ellis Williams (12), has had ties to the CT program for many years as his older brother Julian played for the Cougars and went through a senior night of his own. Ellis praised the event saying, “Senior night is a very special day for us because we finally get to appreciate all the work we’ve put in through the years.” Ellis also talked about how the CT football family runs deep, saying, “seeing my brother be celebrated before and now getting to go through the process myself is something I really appreciate.” 

The CT community appreciates the hard work and dedication all these senior athletes have put into what it means to truly be a Cougar. The Cougars head into the postseason as the #22 seed in 5A, taking on Rock Canyon in the first round of the playoffs. Although these seniors will soon have to say goodbye, their impact and achievements will be remembered for years to come.