Boys Soccer on the come up

The Cherokee Trail Soccer team has shown a renewed sense of hope and community support this 22-23 season, as opposed to prior seasons. While the team has made several changes this season, the newfound success stems from the recent coaching change made during the 20-21 season.

Cherokee Trail’s varsity soccer team struggled in the 2020 season with an underwhelming record of 2-8. Marcelo Ruiz (11), a midfielder on the team recalled the frustration of the past season, “The old coaches would only put in seniors despite the other grades’ skill levels.” As the boys explained a physically and mentally difficult season, new players coming in were quite unsure of even trying out. “I did not know if I even wanted to play because the team was 2-8,” said Colin Starr  (12). Starr moved to Colorado last year, and ultimately decided to join the team after meeting the new coaches, “Once I met the team I realized they were a big family that I wanted to be in,” said Starr (12).

While hype was built around the team last season, there still was not a lot of support and love for the soccer team. This year with the new changes the fans started showing out, “We were able to show them we were good and had potential which meant a lot to the team,” said Junior Marcello Ruiz (11). There is an appreciation shown for the coaching staff of Coach Hill and Coach Ruiz, and Senior Amman Muzzafar (12) said the coaches “had a big impact on the [camaraderie]….We win games and that alone is enough motivation.” 

As the team takes on playoffs in the months of November, their second game happening Tuesday, they come in at an impressive 7th seed. Due to the new coaching staff and the community support the team has felt, the Cougars are hoping to end up on top.