The Leaders of Student Leadership


Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Rauh

Leadership takes one final photo as they head to a Student Leadership summer camp.

Aubrey Nicholls

With the winter dance quickly approaching, Student leadership’s excitement is clear. Junior Sakari Mackey says, “I’m most excited to go and dance with my friends again! I’m also excited to play the arcade games as that is something new to the ‘typical’ hoco dance”.

There are several activities, clubs, and teams that represent Cherokee Trail, but not many are as involved as Student Leadership. Student Leadership is a group that plans many activities and events for the student body and the community. 

Those who join Student Leadership, join for many different reasons, “Initially I joined because of résumé reasons. But I stayed because I enjoyed the behind-the-scenes work of our Big Three Weeks” said senior Elias Choe “Student Leadership also gave me opportunities to reach out and be involved in the school in ways I never expected as a freshman”. 

While there are two teachers that oversee the Student Leadership program, the students are primarily the ones who create the events enjoyed by the student body. The students of Leadership, themselves, get to see all that they work so hard on, being put together as well as the finished project, “Planning wish week is awesome because I get to see first hand how our Wish kids’ interests turn into a whole week of fun and eventually seeing that they will get their wish granted” said Mackey.

The Student Leadership program is a year long class in which students learn more about being a leader. In order to make the program run smoothly, they divide into teams that focus on specific parts of leadership, “Though we participate in many in class lessons related to improving our leadership, our time is primarily spent, divided into teams in which we take on different aspects of each big week. Teams include everything from assembly, to dodgeball, and each team work’s cohesively to bring the week’s many events together,” said junior class president Zora Heath. 

Student Leadership members truly enjoy seeing all their work displayed and watching the students of CT have a good time. However, that is not the only thing the members enjoy, “My favorite part of leadership is working so hard towards something and seeing it all come together but also being a part of one big family and making new friends and getting close with new people,” explains freshmen and sophomore class president, Mackenzie Connaughton.

Student Leadership recently introduced a winter formal that will take place on Saturday, January 28th at the school. Heath continues, “As a leadership class, we wanted to include more activities for the student body to participate in, and we felt as though a Winter Dance was a good opportunity given the annual success of our homecoming as well as the regularity of Winter Dances at other schools”.