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Stress During Final Exams
Stress During Final Exams
Blake LangleyMay 20, 2024

  Final exams are around the corner and they are something that can be very stressful for many students. Studying for final exams involves a...

Defying the odds
Defying the odds
Ava ZadigianMay 19, 2024

  Torn ACL, broken leg, sprained ankle. All injuries happen in a split second and can be easily fixed with a cast, and, in the worst case, surgery....

CT Cuisine: Wild Pepper Pizza


  A quick five to ten-minute walk away from campus Wild Pepper Pizza is a great place to eat for all grade levels. Being located at the furthest end of the King Soopers parking lot, a vehicle is not required to reach it making it easily accessible for students.

  Pricing tends to be an important factor in where students choose to eat. Wild Pepper Pizza’s pricing is not too expensive, being a little less expensive than its competitors. The slices are four dollars which is decently priced for its size, but the small subs are a little expensive at around nine dollars which is not the best price compared to other sandwich places in the vicinity.

  The food quality is mediocre and inconsistent, the pizza varies drastically from day to day. On most visits, one can get a good slice with a crispy crust and good flavor, but on other visits, you may get a soggy crust. This of course is based on luck as the system of Wild Pepper Pizza is based on having pre-made pizza for students to quickly pick up. Its downside being that you could be taking back a pizza that’s been waiting for a while. Wild Pepper Pizza also offers subs, though it’s not of the same caliber as their pizza, the subs are also not ideal as when received both judges received burnt subs. The subs are not recommended as the pros of getting a pizza don’t translate in this category.

  Wild Pepper Pizza usually has very quick service as there are fresh ready-made slices waiting for students, but if you want anything other than cheese or pepperoni pizza it could be up to an eleven-minute wait, which is comparable to other places nearby. An upside to Wild Pepper Pizza is there is barely a line to order, which is great for students in a rush.

  The atmosphere within is never the same, as I (Shishyan Bhatta), have seen it be completely empty to have too many people. The first time Bhatta and Yabe Beneberu visited, the smell of pizza was strong, the place was packed, and the slices were hot. We sat on a line of chairs against a wall, due to the limited space there is not the traditional table to eat on while dining there if it’s moderately packed. Once we sat down and started eating there were customers who were prank-calling the restaurant nonstop, making the employee working the register have to confront them, not a pleasant first impression. 

  However, when Bhatta and Beneberu went back to try other items it was completely different as the place was empty and they had a table all to themselves. The atmosphere varies from day to day, the amount of people electing to dine in the restaurant, and by the uncontrollable factor that the sliced pizza readied for students is not as fresh as one would like.

  Wild Pepper Pizza is the place to go if you are looking for a cheap, easy, quick place to grab a pizza and walk back to class, the customer service is welcoming, though due to the limited space, it can get crammed leaving you with few options for places to sit if you opt to stay. Wild Pepper Pizza has a good argument for being the best pizza place near CT so we wondered how it’ll stack up to the other pizzeria nearby, Dion’s. So stay tuned for the next edition of CT Cuisine, where we will rank Dion’s head-to-head against Wild Pepper Pizza.

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Shishyan Bhatta
Shishyan Bhatta, Staff Reporter
Shishyan Bhatta is a third year journalism student and it's his second year in Trail Media. In his time on the team, he has reported on various topics ranging from telling stories about the community, to helping students manage stress. Shishyan has also earned recognition for his video on the school’s library renovations. When he’s not making stories about the Trail he likes to play video games, take photos, and watch true crime shows.
Yabe Beneberu
Yabe Beneberu, Editor
Yabetse Beneberu is a Senior at Cherokee Trail. With three years of experience on staff, and leading as the Video Production Editor during the 2023-2024 school year. Yabetse’s skills are predominantly in the Adobe Production Suite, from Premiere Pro to After Effects. Yabetse's main goals are to assist in producing the monthly show and help the staff with editing technicalities. When Yabetse is not involved in the journalism world at CT, he is working on projects for TSA (Technology student alliance), playing chess at Chess Club, or studying for IB (international baccalaureate) exams. All in all Yabetse Beneberu is ready to make this year the best possible year with the Digital Media staff, in creating informative and well produced content.

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