Upperclassmen Only: Parking Passes


Two administrators grin over paperwork at the parking pass section of senior registration on Tuesday, July 30. All students who drive to school and plan on using either of the parking lots during the school day must swing by this station in order to get their parking pass for the 2019-2020 school year. “It was frustrating because there was no information online,” said Jenna Bressler (12)

Elyse Sommer, Managing Editor

Hey, juniors and seniors!  If you’re planning on driving to school and parking (legally) in one of the parking lots, either upper or lower, here’s what you need to know to get your parking pass at registration. Registration for seniors is July 30 from 12 pm to three, while juniors can register on July 31 in the afternoon as well.  

You’ll need to have a copy made of your valid Colorado driver’s license, your car’s license plate number, and registration or insurance card, as well as money for the pass itself and a parent’s signature. If you’re confused about what your car’s registration looks like, it’s typically located in the glovebox and has the words “Colorado Insurance Card” or something similar on the top. The upper lot is $75 for an entire year, while the lower lot is $50 for both semesters.  

If a parent has already paid for your pass online with the link attached to the registration email sent to all current CCSD students and their guardians, all you need to bring is a printed copy of the receipt and your copied license and registration.   

All of these materials should be handy to present to the “car pass” station along the pathway set out for students registering. The pass station is across from the AP/IB/CE station.