The Effects of Social Distancing

Being a couch potato seems fun until youre 3 weeks into quarantine. It can be easy to go crazy trapped in a house, and you can feel the lack of connection.

Photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos

Being a couch potato seems fun until you’re 3 weeks into quarantine. It can be easy to go crazy trapped in a house, and you can feel the lack of connection.

Olivia Semple, Staffer

While social distancing is proving to be beneficial in these terrible times, I’ve been feeling some mental effects. For one, friends I have talked to and hung out with nearly every day, suddenly don’t speak to me anymore. It’s almost like pulling teeth to get an answer to,” Hey, what are you up too?” If anything, Corona-cation has only proved who my real friends are. 

A vacation is one way to put it. I know for a fact most of you have been lounging around in sweats, PJs, maybe even underwear. Those jeans you wore every day to school or work are going to sit in your drawer. I know this is true for me. The fanciest I’ll get is leggings, and that’s pushing it. This may sound stupid, but I think it has a significant mental effect. We take pride in our looks, and looking good in public (for most people) is a must. Since the freedom of attending school and other places has been distinguished, for now, that pride has faded. I wake up when I want, and go about the day eating what I want and looking at how I want. 

There is also absolutely no routine. If you don’t have a Zoom class, you wake up somewhere between 11 am and 5 pm. Prove me wrong. Waking up at 9 am is almost exhausting for me. I find this quite laughable since I used to wake up at 6:30 am every school day. I would shower, do my hair, makeup, put on a cute outfit, and just overall try. I now wake up around noon, brush my teeth, and go about the day. 

I used to be very active, either at practice, training or in the gym. There was rarely a day of rest for me. Because of social distancing, everything is canceled, and the gym is closed. As a whole, everyone is going to be affected. Sure, you could go for a run or a bike ride, but with the lack of routine and motivation, chances are you haven’t left your couch. 

Social distancing will save us, but we might go insane before that happens. I believe that we will make it through, but it will be rough. Call your friends, make a cake, try something new, all in all, pass this time well. Cherish this time with your family, even though they may annoy you—everyone is going through the same thing.  Picture the day when you can hug your friends again, and when 6 feet apart sounds more like a movie than reality. We’ve got this America.