Justice for Junior Varsity

At Cherokee Trail, there are many different sports, many different teams, as well as several memories shaping athletes’ futures. For example, the lifestyle of being a Varsity athlete or a JV athlete. There are many aspects and variations between which team the athlete makes, from the range of different opportunities to the interaction between the teams. However, there is a controversy over the treatment and support of Junior Varsity, which brings down the players’ pride. Cherokee Trail as a whole needs to change the way JV teams are valued so that all of the teams that represent the school are appreciated.

A number of JV athletes prompted their input on the topic.

Junior Varsity, better known by the abbreviation “JV”, is a team usually made up of younger, less experienced players, or players on their way to play for a Varsity team. Many JV players at CT believe that their teams are overlooked and overshadowed by the varsity team of their sport. “Because our Varsity team is really good, people just think of our varsity team, and I don’t think they really know JV is here very much,” said Lorelei Gearity (10), a teammate on JV Poms. She believes that because it’s “JV”, it doesn’t get as much spotlight as Varsity.

JV athletes also mention their want for the athletic community to pay them more attention and provide more community support. These players argue that social media platforms such as Instagram posts and Snapchat stories allow the Varsity team(s) to receive more exposure for their games than both JV and Varsity. “I think that they should spread the word of JV games to people through social media, announcements, and advisory.” Said Alex Kadi (10), A player on the JV football team. 

Finally, the relationship between other levels is a crucial aspect of being a part of a team, “I feel like we all get along really well and it gives JV someone to look up to.” Said Maya Patterson (9), another member of JV Poms. The relationship of the teams can differ depending on the members of the team, the type of sport, and how the teams see each other. 

To conclude, the JV Athletes at CT aspire to see growth and development in their communities appreciation for their involvement in CT sports. Whether it is an athletic sport, such as JV football, or a performance sport, such as JV Poms, every team needs to be treated equally, regardless of their ranking or level. Starting through including advertisements for their games, having more people attend, and being more appreciative of them overall. Justice for JV!